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Adrenal Cocktail

If you follow me on instagram or work with me you know how much I love Jigsaw Health products! Let’s start with the OG, of course the adrenal cocktail. I recommend using this product daily to provide your cells with optimal hydration. This helps energy throughout the day, skin, digestion, and provides the adrenals with nutrients that get depleted with stress. Check out the adrenal cocktail here, and use code ALLIE10 to save 10%.

Trace Mineral Drops 

Trace mineral drops is another product that I use. The products we use in everyday life even our water is more depleted in minerals than they were years ago. Therefore, it is important to make sure we are still getting the trace minerals to support our body. Trace mineral drops can be found here and use my code ALLIE10 to get 10% off. 


MagSoothe is another product that pairs well with adrenal cocktail! This product is important for me because magnesium just like the minerals found in the adrenal cocktail are quickly depleted when in times of stress. This product is great to take before bed to aid in relaxation and great to travel with to get bowels moving. MagSoothe can be found here, use code ALLIE10 to get 10% off 

Beef liver

Beef liver is a powerful supplement with so many benefits! Some people call beef liver nature’s multivitamin. This supplement is derived from nature, so it has vitamins in forms that are all bioavailable and easily digestible in the body. Beef liver is a rich source of B vitamins, vitamin A, zinc, copper, iron, and choline. Shop beef liver here and use code RESTORD10 at checkout for a discount! 


A staple I put into my coffee in the mornings for a quick and easy source of protein. I love Perfect Supplements collagen powder because this product is 100% hydrolyzed collagen and they give the specific amino acid profile so you know exactly what is in it. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and supports your skin, bone and joint health, and helps with digestion. Shop for collagen here and use code RESTORD10 to save at checkout. 


This supplement was created by a registered dietitian who carefully formulated it with the highest quality ingredients that we all need on a day to day basis. It is higher quality than anything that you will find on the shelves at generic drug stores. It contains active, non-synthetic folate and B12, contains more vitamin D and choline than most prenatals or multivitamins, chelated minerals that provide superior absorption, and it contains both forms of vitamin A that our bodies need. This supplement is 8 capsules daily but it has all the necessities for women's health whether you are TTC, pregnant on birth control, postpartum or just trying to support your body so it is functioning optimally. (8 capsules is how much it takes to get all of those important nutrients in it because some of them are naturally “bigger” minerals- think how much your one a day is missing!!) It is lab tested and exceeds standard guidelines for heavy metals and other contaminants. Cannot recommend this product enough! Check out their website and use ALLIE10 to save 10%.

Salt Sisters

All of their salts, seasonings, rubs and dips are so full of flavor and minerals and use unrefined sea salt in all of their products. Unrefined salts are much higher in mineral content than traditional table salt because unrefined salts aren’t stripped of all of those powerful minerals that we need. You cannot go wrong with any of their products. Use my code Allie10 to save 10%. I linked one of my favorite products here. My other of fav products from salt sisters include their Tex Mex Blend, Dragons Breath, Habanero Heat Sea Salt, and the Mojo. 


My favorite grain free product for tortilla chips and tortillas. My favorite products are the dip chip and the cinnamon chips! I also love all of their taco seasonings as well. This brand also has a great story that goes with family and community. Give their products a try here! Use my code to get 20% off: RESTORD

Fokken Nuts

My long time favorite nut butter blend!! These are amazing and you can't go wrong with any of the flavors. I love the ingredients, there is minimal added sugar in most of the flavors. My favs are chocolate almond coconut, toasted coconut and dark chocolate sea salt. You will be addicted, I promise. Shop for these here

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