I am a functional medicine dietitian specializing in gut health, acne, hormone imbalances and relationship with food. Using a whole-body approach, I help individuals to get to the root cause of unwanted symptoms utilizing functional lab testing, diet, lifestyle changes and targeted supplements.

I am so glad you are here!

I have BEEN there and this is why I am so passionate about what I do. I get to help so many people address the root cause of their symptoms, heal their relationship with food, and get them feeling their absolute BEST!

Nearing the end of my dietetics internship I just kept thinking to myself- ‘I am almost a dietitian, why do I feel so lousy?’

 Are you sick of spending time and energy on google searches, only to find advertisements for a cure all approach or supplement?

I firmly believe health looks different on everyone and no single diet, supplement, or program will work for everyone. Misinformation is everywhere- social media, books, health magazines, it is all so confusing! My love for food, cooking, nutrition, exercise, and evidence based research all brought me to this field. 

I tried to eat “healthy”, get daily movement, and do all the things that I learned in school, yet each day was a constant battle with low energy, brain fog, abdominal pain, bloating, and daily skin breakouts. Well, I did some digging, a whole lot of reading, and countless tests on myself and finally started to get some answers. This led me to fall in LOVE with functional medicine and the root cause approach. It also made me realize I wasn’t alone and that many other people are out there struggling with the same things, looking for answers, and getting dismissed by health care professionals!

Master’s Degree in Nutrition from The University of Kansas Medical Center
Dietetic Internship at The University of Kansas Medical Center 
Certified in Dietetics in Integrative and Functional Medicine
Bachelor’s Degree in dietetics from The University of Arkansas 
Additional Functional Medicine training via Functional Medicine courses, reading, research and more


We must nourish our bodies. It’s the basis of gut health, balanced hormones, vibrant energy, and glowing skin. Life is too short to feel lousy. It’s time to stop restricting, heal your relationship with food- and be the BEST version of you!
It is my hope that my clients find relief in their GI symptoms, an upgrade in their energy levels, improved sleep, clear skin, balanced hormones, and leave working with me knowing how to properly nourish their bodies and have a healthy relationship with food.

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