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I help women heal their relationship with food, fix their bloat, level up their energy and find their version of 

optimal wellness.

Tired of letting your irregular GI symptoms and bloat affect your relationship with food?

Do you feel like you’ve tried it all and nothing seems to get to the root of your symptoms?

If you are struggling with:

Stomach pain
Brain fog
Hormonal imbalances
Sleep disruptions
Feeling overwhelmed with information 
Poor relationship with food 

you're in the right place!

I am a Functional Medicine Dietitian in Kansas City specializing in digestive health, hormones, and overall wellness. It is my passion to help individuals achieve optimal health, feel confident, and achieve a healthy relationship with food and their body. My holistic approach takes an in-depth look at each individual to identify the root cause to provide evidence-based recommendations. 

Hi, I'm Allie!

Sweet Notes from Clients

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I came to Allie feeling "not like myself" and having no idea how to get myself back. I'd been dismissed by my doctor when pushing for alternative treatments. Working with Allie has taught me so much about my body and how everything works together. Her tiered approach to healing put everything in the right order and week after week, I could feel myself coming out of the funk I'd been in for over two years. Allie, I can't thank you enough for everything. Without your support every step of the way, I wouldn't be feeling the way I do today and I'm so excited for what the future will bring!

Staci KS, 43

Working with Allie was truly life changing! After years of trying to heal my gut, seeing a handful of doctors, trying every supplement and protocol, I still didn't feel like myself. That is when I found Allie. She looked behind surface level tests and took a holistic, well rounded approach with multiple tests to look at the whole picture. Without that deep dive, I wouldn't know that my mineral levels were off and I was fighting a parasite - something I wouldn't have figured out if Allie didn't help me. With a specific protocol in hand, I now feel my best! Minimal bloating, no more inflammation and puffiness after meals! I was able to travel and come back feeling great - first time in nearly 10 years! I cannot speak highly enough of Allie and her role she played in healing me!!

Megan KS, 37

My time with Allie has been life-changing. In my career, I do a lot of root cause analysis to understand why something is broken or how we can iterate on processes. I have been to multiple doctors who did not diagnose me with a root cause analysis approach. When I started working with Allie, that is the exact approach she took and it was as if a light bulb clicked. My GI symptoms, hormonal symptoms, acne, etc etc started healing with her protocols. Her attention to detail, ability to listen, pivot if needed what I was saying was so fundamental to my healing. I now feel like I have the tools and knowledge to go forward and continue to heal. So grateful for Allie and her program. I would recommend her a million times over.

Brittany ME, 34

After 9 months of suffering from depression and anxiety, fatigue, poor sleep, hormone irregularities, I knew something was off. I found Allie via social media and had a feeling working with her would be just what I needed. After our discovery call, I knew she really would be able to help me. I grew up in a health-conscious household, so I knew how to eat healthy, but my relationship with food was in need of restoration. Allie helped me to recognize what foods are especially nutritious to my body and what I specifically need to focus on eating more of/less of in order to feel my best. I feel so much better already and know that I'll only continue to feel better as I continue following the recommendations Allie has provided.

Carly NC, 29

Before I started working with Allie I was struggling with brain fog, upset stomach, painful bloating, sleep issues and exhaustion. I was tired of feeling like the experts weren’t listening. Allie was completely different l. She listened, she did lab tests in order to find out exactly what was going on in my body. She explained everything that was happening thoroughly and instead of telling me what to do, she made recommendations and together we chose a plan that fit my lifestyle. Investing in your health is worth every penny. I feel like a new person. I’m well rested, I don’t get afraid of what pain I’m going to have after I eat. I’m not fighting the constant bloat and I have energy to enjoy every day! Book with Allie, you’ll be glad you did.

Regan KS, 28

Working with Allie helped me really improve and manage my digestion and symptoms and reduced my episode frequencies from every few weeks to once in four months! I am completely regular and I feel great and energized all day! Seeing labwork reflect possible causes of low energy and feeling the improvement from changes we made really helped motivate me to keep going and continue to apply Allie’s recommendations. It was also great to feel like I only needed to add some variety rather than eliminate things from my diet and lifestyle. The investment in myself was 100% worth it. I would recommend working with Allie to anyone with gut, hormone, energy or digestion issues!

Erika F, 44

After needing an unexpected hysterectomy, I had major GI issues. Months after the surgery I was still having to take stool softeners daily to have a BM 1-2x a week. The bloating and constipation was so painful. I felt that something wasn’t right and my doctors kept pushing stool softeners and laxatives. I was also experiencing low mood, acne, fatigue, brain fog and hair loss. Since working with Allie, I have had daily BMs and lost 6 pounds! The hair loss completely stopped and all other symptoms significantly improved! Allie knows her stuff, is kind and always answers texts quickly! I’m so thankful I found her. working with her enough. She is worth the investment and everyone deserves to feel good!

Kayla AL, 39

I was struggling in my postpartum life. I was dragging myself through life. I felt anxious and had some insomnia like never before. I didn’t feel heard by family, friends, or my doctors when I said this can’t be normal. Everyone assured me that it was. I figured why not invest in the nutrition help. The worst that could happen is that I still learn some healthy habits to add into my life. But Allie was more than that. She was a sympathetic ear to my issues and found some underlying reasons for them. We have treated them and I feel the most like myself since having my son. Truly the knowledge gained is a godsend but also Allie is just a joy to work with. I’d recommend her to anyone who wants to feel their best.

Sam Pa, 31

After two babies my energy was so low and I also have struggled with acne for most of my adult life. I have seen dermatologists who just put me on medicine, spent thousands on skincare, facials, and tried everything except nothing fixed the issue. It wasn't until working with Allie where we actually ran specific tests to see what the root cause was. Through working together, I am medicine free, have clear skin, and most importantly feel like she brought me back to life. My energy is back and I have re-established a morning routine which lays the groundwork for my day. I can't recommend working with her enough. You are worth the investment and everyone deserves to feel good!

Jenny, 34

I stopped having “periods” while on HBC, and was still without even when I stopped the pill. After 3 years, I had many tests done by two different doctors who told me that I needed synthetic estrogen + progesterone quite possibly forever and would need IVF in the future. This didn’t sit right with me, so I found Allie through IG and started working with her. She ran a GI map which showed several issues as well as a DUTCH test which confirmed hormonal imbalances. I didn’t think that I had any gut issues, but now experiencing how I feel, I know that I did. I have had two periods and likely ovulated with this second one. Allie is knowledgeable, available and supportive. I’d invest in this program 100 times over. <3


I was looking to improve my gut and hormone health and was getting no help from my OBGYN regarding my heavy, painful periods. From my initial consultation with Allie I felt like I could talk to her about my issues like a friend, while getting professional and easy to apply feedback. I found myself looking forward to our check-ins every 2 weeks because I was proud of the foundations I was incorporating into my life and how good I was feeling. 4 months ago I was stressed and not eating or sleeping well and my body was paying the price. Today I feel like a whole new person and am excited to see how the changes I have made to my diet and lifestyle will continue to serve me.

Nicole Ks, 32

When I reached out to Allie I had never been in so much constant pain. I had been to so many doctors and had basic bloodwork done, and all anyone could ever say that how I was feeling was "normal". I found Allie's page and learned that the chronic pain I was living with every day was not normal. The extensive bloodwork and the GI Map she had ordered showed that things were absolutely not normal. The things she found were not even close to anything on my other doctors radar. She listened to me when I said I was in pain and gave me tangible things to start adding to my routine to help make it better. She taught me how to heal myself and my relationship with food, and listen to my body, and for that I will be forever grateful to her!!

Maddie IA, 29

Since I started working with Allie, I feel like myself again. I have so much more energy and my hair is growing back! I have a better understanding of nutrition and how my body works. Best of all, the “food noise” I have had since I was nine years old is finally quiet. I don’t constantly think about eating or not eating or what to eat or if i “deserve” to eat. I have made peace with food, and I’m beginning to make peace with my body for the first time in my life. You will not regret the money invested in yourself when you work with Allie. She goes on the journey with you - even if you don’t know what the journey is yet. She truly changed my life!


I reached out to Allie after feeling frustrated and stuck in my health journey. I worked out all of the time and ate healthy but continued to feel bloated, had irregular bowel movements, terrible PMS, constantly fatigued and I was irritable. After reviewing my GI map, blood panel and DUTCH test results she put me on specific protocols designed to treat MY symptoms. I loved the personalized approach to treating my issues and getting to the root causes. Now, I feel better than ever and can't thank or recommend her enough. Allie is the BEST! 

Lindsey, 39 KS

Working with Allie was a dream. I had goals of better sleep, less bloat, more energy throughout the day and new/healthy food ideas for my busy lifestyle. We did a gut test and with the result we worked together to go through a 6 months supplement, nourishment and exercise routine. Throughout this process I have learned more about nourishment and my body that help me keep a healthy gut, sleep through the night and maintain high energy throughout the day.

Gabby, 24 KS 

I’m a full time nanny and was crashing the moment I got home from work every single day, some days even skipping dinner completely. The first thing we did was get me on a 3 meals/day routine and it has been a GAME CHANGER. We worked on my sleep schedules, got more variety in my diet, talked through traumas that were brought up throughout the process and anything in between. My last cycle was faster than ever and I hardly had any pain at all. I sleep better, eat better, no more bloating, stomach pains, etc. If you use the tools that Allie gives you, things will change!

Grayson KS, 20

Allie made multiple protocols for me to follow that included helpful tips and supplements help resolve these issues. I was sometimes hard on myself because I didn't think I would be doing something right or it wasn't working and Allie was always encouraging in letting me know it will take time to let my body heal and get to my end result. She listened to my concerns and helped change things as needed or had good recommendations. Now I am sleeping through the night, my heartburn is gone and I have started a good foundation for a healthier me. 

Jessica, MO 31 

I spent years and years, trying different elimination diets, teas, and research without any relief in my symptoms. I was miserable. I was skeptical at first but as Allie educated me and I learned more about my GI system, I was sold. I feel night and day different from my onset of symptoms 6 years ago. It’s a huge relief to finally feel like myself again and enjoy foods I once had to avoid due to how my body reacted to them. This girl is a magician and I can’t wait to continue working with her in the future. And I will be recommending anyone and everyone to her!

Alexa, 26 KS

I reached out to Allie when I felt like I couldn't make healthy food choices on my own. I was struggling with stomach issues, daily afternoon crashes, and significant mind fog. Allie was quick in her response and hopped on an initial consultation with me within a week. We discovered that I was good candidate for her program! Since beginning work with Allie, I have been able to begin developing a healthier relationship with food and a sustainable "meal plan" that keeps me going throughout my busy days! I highly recommend working with Allie if you've ever considered getting assistance on your dietary/lifestyle habits!

Kate, 23 

Since recovering from an eating disorder almost 10 years ago, I’ve continued to struggle with constipation, bloating, lethargy, and brittle, breaking hair and nails. I was very well versed in what, when, and how I should be eating but couldn’t seem to fix the issues. Allie helped test me for any food allergies and helped determine what was truly going on in my gut. I used to wake up in the morning feeling good and by lunch time I would struggle with such a distended abdomen that it was uncomfortable to sit. After working with Allie, I don’t struggle from any of those issues anymore!

Rosy 32, WI 

I really appreciated Allie’s help. I have tried many products that weren’t tailored to me specifically and it didn’t do anything to help my digestive issues. While the products that Allie suggested were an investment, it was 100% worth it to get back on track. She also was able to provide many lifestyle changes that I could adapt on top of the supplements. She was always there for my questions even though we didn’t have a scheduled check in. I’m so glad I did Allie’s program! 

Kat 25, KS 

After talking with Allie, I was able to get some more information and realized I shouldn't be living this way and I needed to get this figured out.  The testing process went really quick and the results I received were very surprising. There was a lot more going on than I expected and it was reassuring to know that Allie was going to be able to help me get everything taken care of.  I learned so much during the process, whether it was learning how those symptoms affected other things in my daily life, sleeping, my energy, focus, attitude, etc.

Jessica KS, 30

I reached out to Allie because, while I considered myself a very healthy person and eating the right foods, I was still having horrible gas and bloating and loose stools and could not figure out what was wrong. Allie helped me find my WHY and through extensive testing she developed a protocol tailored for me and now I am essentially symptom free! Now I can eat broccoli and dairy without issue. I was also pleasantly surprised that that she was able to provide recommendations for stress management, improving sleep and exercise. So she looks at the whole picture and not just the symptoms in a vacuum. I am happy that I reached out and got to the root cause of my symptoms to heal my body and live a healthier, happier life :)

Lauren KS, 39

I struggled with insomnia for years and terrible cystic acne after getting off of the pill. Thanks to Allie I was able to get my hormones back on track and found the root cause of my insomnia. I am finally sleeping again and my face is clear! With all of the labs that I got done I was able to find out what was really going on. I will recommend Allie to everyone I know!! So thankful to work with someone who listens to you and wants to get to the bottom of issues, not just put a bandaid over it. The best experience!

Lucia Kc, 27

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