Traveling is something I LOVE to do! See new places, spend time with loved ones, eat all the delicious food, drink the yummy drinks. As a dietitian, when I am going through my packing list, of course health comes to mind as well. Packing some essentials to make me feel good while I am traveling has helped me to enjoy my trips so much more. 

I have gone from not packing anything at all (and regretting it) to packing an entire suitcase full of supplements and food. FInally, I have found a sweet spot of what I need and actually use! I pack things to help support digestion, sleep, energy, hydration, and protein intake.

 Below you will find the things I always bring in my suitcase, as well as some of my travel tips! 

1. Pack collagen or protein powder for extra protein. This has been a BIG one that I have learned my lesson the hard way a few times. If I don’t get a solid 25-30 grams of protein at breakfast, I do not feel my best the rest of the day. I love to travel with collagen because I can easily throw a scoop in my coffee first thing in the morning. Especially if breakfast isn’t going to be for a while 🙂 Here you will find my favorite collagen single serve packets which are perfect for travel!  Use code RESTORD10 for a discount! 

2. Travel with hydration packs for electrolytes, especially if you are flying! We get EXTRA dehydrated when flying due to the altitude and low humidity in the plane. So definitely drink some electrolytes before getting on the plane, and even when traveling via car- it will help ensure maximum absorption, aka less stops to use the restroom! I drink minerals every single day, and especially on vacay. It helps to keep bowels moving, and to stay hydrated if somewhere hot or if you are super active. Here is my favorite mineral drink. It is salty but the more water the better. There is also whole food vitamin C to support your adrenal glands and immune system. Alternatively, if you want some flavor, here are single serve electrolyte sticks that are also a great option. (ALLIE10 is my code to save for both products! 

3. Pack magnesium glycinate and citrate. My two favorite magnesiums- glycinate helps with relaxation so it is great for sleep support. Magnesium citrate is great to have on hand in case you need extra support to get things moving along if you are struggling with travelers constipation. It helps to pull water into the bowel to alleviate constipation. Order some magnesium glycinate to take with you here. (ALLIE10 to save)  It is powder form, tastes great, and comes in both single serve and a jar option. For magnesium citrate, find that here. (RESTORD10 to save) 

4. Try to balance your meals as best as possible while on vacation, no skipping meals to save up. Treat your body as if you would at home. Enjoy all the delicious local food, but try to ensure that there is a carb, fat and protein on your plate! 

5. Try to still get in a fruit and veggie at most meals. This will help to provide your body with fiber to keep bowels regular, as well as provide your body with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals! 

6. Move your body in a way that feels good. Maybe that means a walk on the beach, maybe it’s a long hike. Maybe its a quick trip to the gym to lift some weights. Sometimes its simply just walking around all day, site seeing, shopping and exploring new places. Whatever fits into your day and makes you feel good. But remember, do it because you want to, not because you have to.

7. Be present and enjoy your time away, the delicious food and company with family and friends. This one is important. Don’t overthink things. Health is what you are doing 80-90% of the time, this week or weekend won’t make or break things!

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